What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness or meditation is a practice (not a mastery) of being able to be present in the moment without judgment and without trying to change it.  I like to say it’s intentional attention.

Mindfulness can be done anywhere, at any time and there are many ways to practice. Mindful movement (exercise, activities), guided meditation (free videos on YouTube), mindful breathing and body scans are all examples of mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness is a superpower

Why Practice Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can help you make healthier decisions, be more productive, experience more feelings of happiness and reduce emotional and physical pain.

Mindfulness is an essential component of a primed and healthy mind. Mindfulness is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Without it our mental health can only get so far.

Hear it from Anderson Cooper, a neuroscientist and others

How to Practice Mindfulness

Ready for the biggest rule about practicing mindfulness?  There are none!  I promise you, there is no wrong way to practice mindfulness. Identify something you want to focus on for 5 minutes, keep your eyes at a soft gaze or closed and each time your mind wonders to something else, notice it and gently bring your attention back to your object of focus.  When your mind starts to think about the million other things you have to do, notice it and bring your attention back. You may feel like you’re epically failing but you’re really strengething your brain each time you bring your attention back to focus. You literally can’t fail at this!

Mindfulness Meditation: A Beginner’s Guide

The Basics of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is intentional focus on the present moment as it is, without judging it and without trying to change it.

Mindfulness is noticing when your mind begins to drift away and gently bringing it back to the present moment. Observing is noticing without the inclusion of “good or bad” and without getting carried away by thoughts or emotions.

Mindful activities can include praying, coloring, movements such as walking, running or hiking, listening to music and paying special attention to the lyrics, counting your breath and so much more. The more you practice the sooner you will experience the benefits.

To learn about the benefits of mindfulness read 20 Health Benefits of Mindfulness.

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Start Here: Guided Meditation for Newbies

Guided meditation is another way to practice mindfulness. I incorporate guided meditation into my practice regularly. Here is a 3 minute guided meditation to get you started.