Who am I?

On paper I am a 36 year old mental health counselor, freelance writer for mental health and addiction websites, wife and mother of 3 boys. On the inside I’m a woman who has struggled with depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, self-esteem and the issues that come with having family members addicted to drugs. For the first time in my entire life I feel as if I have reached my mental health prime despite making many, many mistakes alone the way. I am living a life I love because I chose to make my mental health a priority.

What is The Primed Mind?

The Primed Mind is a mental health blog that centers on intentional lifestyle habits that help you optimize your mental health so you experience more happiness and live a life you love! I break down psychological concepts to relatable, applicable skills you can use in your life to help get your mental health in the best shape possible. Luckily for you, I have spent hundreds of hours researching and studying mental health skills and concepts so you don’t have to!

My education and experience as a therapist allows me to be able to strip down the clinical information and provide you with valuable material in a straightforward way without all of the psychobabble that can make you want to slam you head on your desk. (At least that’s how I felt many times throughout graduate school and some clinical trainings.)

I finally feel as if I am in control of the thoughts and feelings that enter my mind and because of that I have experienced greater satisfaction and happiness. Like you I experience stress and emotional pain. Now, however, my mind is healthy enough to be able to effectively cope with it without getting lost in it.

Throughout my life I have learned and experienced that:
• Mental health isn’t strong by chance; it’s strong by choice.
• Mental wellness does not exist without effort.
• Mental health affects our lives in every way possible including our relationships, our physical health, our moods, our ability to make healthy decisions, our ability to get our wants and needs met and our productivity.

Life can be painful and without the tools to effectively deal with life’s stressors you may be turning your pain into suffering. I can’t promise you a pain free life but my hope is that you are able to apply some of the skills found on The Primed Mind to help increase your feelings of happiness and joy and create a life you love to live. I am going to share with you effective lifestyle habits that target your mental health so your mind can be primed to live an enriched and fulfilling life.

I want you to build a life that you love through intentionally applying skillful behaviors that promote:
• More feelings of joy and happiness.
• The growth and maintenance of healthy, reciprocal relationships.
• A healthy sense of who you are and what you want out of life.
• A reduction in emotional pain and negative emotional experiences.
• Emotional stability.
• A reduction in negative thoughts.
• Healthy decision-making.
• Strong self-esteem.
• Greater life satisfaction.

I would not promote a behavior or lifestyle habit that I haven’t tried myself and do not 100% believe in. I teach these skills to patients as well as my own family members. The information I provide is current, research-based and applicable to anyone looking to improve their mental health. The Primed Mind targets a plethora of mental health issues from stress, to regulating intense emotions, to depression and anxiety as well as addiction.

Meet the Team

My husband will tell you that he is my number one patient! As hard as it must be for him to be married to a mental health professional he is a great sport. He will also admit that he has benefited from many of the concepts and skills I have brought from my office to our home. My 6 year old Jaxon loves learning and implementing mindfulness on a daily basis. My 11 year old Jacob is less than thrilled at times that his mom is a clinician (think Anna from What About Bob?) and my stepson Dominic, now 16, expresses interest in my work as a counselor.

Next Steps…

This is a safe space for anyone that wants to share their experiences and who is looking for support. If you have questions and comments (respectful please as this is my passion project), they are always welcomed and encouraged. Also, you will can find my email in the contact section to communicate with me directly.

To get a feel for flavor of this site, check out 10 Reasons Why We Need to Make Our Mental Health a Priority.

Legal Stuff

The Primed Mind is a blog that is interactive by nature and has changing content. The Primed Mind provides static pages that offer information and resources should you choose to use them. The intention is to provide evidenced-based and current information however, unintentional mistakes and errors are possible.

Jacquelyn is employed as a full-time licensed therapist and her opinions and statements are a reflection of her personal and professional experiences, not of her employers. Statements made on The Primed Mind are on behalf of Jacquelyn only.

Jacquelyn Buffo is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Michigan with specialized training in dialectical behavioral therapy and is certified as an advanced alcohol and drug counselor. The information provided is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or prescription of psychiatric services. It is for informational purposes and shouldn’t be thought of as medical, legal, emotional or any other type of advice. The Primed Mind is not a substitute for professional and medical interventions and recommends services from a licensed mental health/medical professional.

As the creator of The Primed Mind Jacquelyn Buffo reserves the right to modify the content and focus of the website/blog at any time. If you rely on any material presented you are doing so at your own risk and Jacquelyn refutes any personal liability for harm, risk and loss as a result of the application of information presented.